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Green098 said:

Did another update to the 2018 Nintendo E3 Hype Train passengers list.

I wonder how long the video presentation will be this year? Around 25 minutes like the Spotlight last year or the usual approximately around 40 minutes like their directs. My guess is it will be longer than at least last years because I'm sure they'll have a lot of Smash to show off, plus other games like Fire Emblem Switch which are releasing this year which haven't revealed any gameplay for.

My guess would be the smaller near 25 over 40.

As your OP shows, they will go immediately into Smash right after the presentation. The treehouse allows them to talk about each game they want for hours and thus can more streamline the presentation. Think of the most recent direct where we were shown Mario Aces and it talked about all the different shots, defence, modes, ect. Take that whole 3 minute section out and just leave the trailer. you can show off the modes, shots, gameplay in the Treehouse.

So each game that is in the presentation. Lets say a normal direct would require 5 minutes of time for said game. At E3, it needs only 2 minutes of time and then gets 1 hour of treehouse time.