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AlfredoTurkey said:
HollyGamer said:

Woah , this is need a new thread. I have not heard of such nonsense in how consoles success worked LMAO. You beat Pachter in creating new theory XD XD

It's weird to ME for people to ignore forty years of consumer behavior. To me, that's illogical beyond comprehension. 

It's strange that you ignore the ~25 years of history where Playstation comes out on top. The only time it didn't happen was when Sony royally screwed up and had a console that was not only $200 more expensive, but also was complicated to develop for, so multiplats were inferior for 1-2 years. Even then, they came in at a close 2nd. No other brand has or would survive that. But, here we are, with Playstation, yet again, dominating.

Sony is not going to repeat the mistakes of the PS3 ever again. PS5 will be $399-$449, with as much power as they can pump into the box at that price, and more than likely be B/C with the highly successful PS4. They also have a much stronger 1st party output than MS, and maybe even Nintendo. Next gen, is going to play out just like this one. Only it may be even worse for MS, with them pulling off XB1 numbers, instead of XBO numbers.