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Nem said:
I'm pretty sure Microsoft is gonna rush to the next gen. They aren't doing it this year, but i wouldn't be surprised if they launched fall 2019.

The X1 sales have tanked, the X didn't help and i don't see them taking it down as the switch overtakes them.

Unless they leave the hardware business, wich honestly would be a good idea for them. It is a doomed business for them. They will never get the east and they are severely impaired in europe. Playing this game with only one market to rely and even there seeing severe competition from Sony and Nintendo, i honestly don't get what they are trying to achieve.
Even with their sucessful 360 they only managed to split the market.

Ofc, if they want to put the effort in, it could be done. But they had that effort going into the 360 fist years and they rested on those laurels and proceeded to stop giving a care. So, they will have to start over, with lots of investment in development studios and it will take time. Imo, it's just not worth it for them. But, i do wish they tried again. With that said, it's possible that both them and Sony play a waiting game for the new technology in processors, wich i think will only be coming in 2020/2021. But, the longer they take the more they will hurt.

They have to wait minimum 3 years after X relaese. So don't expect new Xbox before late 2020.

I think next Xbox will sell well. GamePass and backward compatibility (everything in 4K) will be a good arguments when the next generation starts. Current Xbox One exclusives will become next Xbox exclusives (with better graphics).