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now this thread is for some of us that think Sony should get an another studio. not that they need to but. why not expand your business if its profitable? especially since games take much longer to make than 10 years ago. so much longer.

and its really hard to build studios from scratch. I mean every developer has many job listings for positions because the industry has no unions so the talented devs end up leaving for movie or other multimedia industries. 

I will start by saying Sony has the 3rd person action adventure genre down. with all of its derivatives. RPG, or pure linear action 3rd person games down. they don't need more expertise in it. but they lack in a lot of other areas, (to be fair every first party console has one thing nailed down and missing a lot. Nintendo platformers, microsoft shooters).

to me there are 4 major genres.  vehicular games, shooters of any sort (third or first but not an adventure type game with shooting as a mechanic like uncharted or TLOU), third person adventures/actions and RPGs that are not mainly shooters.  and platformer/collectathons and generally speaking cartoony games.

there are other genres but for the most part. for these genres the most games come out than the other smaller sub categories. 

Sony has half the first one. GT is a sim really but they don't have anything else with arcade racing, since the latter is probably more important than a Sim . having a studio that can make solid arcade racers like forza is not a bad choice? with this option. they would have to form a studio from scratch. I can't name any studios that they can reasonably acquire. playground is independent but they are affiliated with MS and they are expanding. so thats out of question. 

  none of the second one ( gonna be honest and say that the KZ franchise was never great. it was fun. but it just became too standard and it doesn't stand out) and GG will probably stick with Horizon or similar games for a while.  third one is a full point. the last one is probably a zero as well. with how great Resistance was, if they ever feel the need to make a new shooter. Insomniac is probably the way to go. I don't think they need a dedicated shooters IP studio like GG was with killzone for two generations basically. and anyway a lot of independent devs have a lot of experience with shooters since they have been the thing for a bit over a decade now 


for the last one. idk but whenever you think of a console. the first genre that comes to mind is platformers and generally cartoony games, back in the day even rpgs were a bit cartoony on consoles and PC had those really janky (am not trying to hate but it was early games back there so I can't blame them) open world RPGs where you moved like you were made out of wood.

anyway. I think a studio that can develop say. a ratchet game if insomniac can't. or a little big planet game, or a jak game or a sly game. is really needed the most here of anything. they have other IPs ofcourse but these are the major ones. am not sure who they should get here tho for next gen if they have plans to make those kind of games again?.

I think starting with an indie studio like the guys that made a Hat in Time would be the way to go. and then expand upon it. 

 wayforward is an another option but these guys have been indiependent for like 30 years so I don't see that happening. 


 they have a lot of IPs to work with in that genre and its not really that much of a risk to acquire a small studio for them.  I don't think they are dis-interested in making them either since the last ratchet game sold really well and they have a SLY tv show in production. but these games always end up doing better when made in house . just like every other game 

Last edited by MasterThief - on 29 May 2018