MrWayne said:
DonFerrari said:

Yep I do.

And no I don't care if the cast was made exclusively of black transgender women. If you read the thread again I complain about changes to characters droven to please angry mobs and  the like.

I watch plenty of shows that have almost only black people and even knowing that doesn't represent demography on USA I know the reason and it doesn't affect me liking the show.

So you don't have a problem with the women in BF:V because there isn't a sign of an angry mob anywhere near Dice's studio.

I don't even care if BF:V wasn't release at all. Much less care if they use female leads. It still goes totally out of context for the period show (which was already discussed on the suspension of disbelief for the gameplay elements).

I do like TR, HZD and didn't have a negative for UC LL all having female chars. Also understood and accepted the subtle lesbian show for TLOU and expect ND keeps their inclusive agenda on a natural flow instead of perceiving forced.

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