I definitely can't agree with the OP.  Not even a little bit.  If we're talking about shovelware, the Atari 2600 was so plagued with bad games that it infamously helped to cause the Video Game Crash of 1983.

The NES was leaps and bounds ahead of the Atari in terms of power as well as gaming vision on the part of the designers and programmers.  The leap represented a huge change in game design, and definitely for the better. Its games contained a level of refinement in both graphics and gameplay that just wasn't seen on the 2600.  By today's standards, it's a little rough.  But the good games hold up extremely well today.

MasterThief said:

the nes games look better. but the hardware didn't allow for great snappy controls which was later fixed in next gen.

Wait, what?  First of all, you're playing the wrong games if you can't find NES games with snappy controls.

Second, the controls have little to do with hardware limitations and everything to do with how the game was programmed.