brendude13 said:
I think the reason it's such a problem now is their intention and the fact that World War II is a sensitive subject. Bastardizing horrifying historical events to pander to extreme groups and for moral grandstanding is disgraceful.

With all the other ridiculous shit that was seen in the trailer, they really need to distance themselves from realism and actual historical events for it to remain tasteful. Valkyria Chronicles did a great job of this.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. What bothers me is that A: These are soldiers in Battlefield V's trailer - not resistance fighters, so why the fucking are they wearing blue war paint on their faces? B: On top of regulation for female military combat the enlistment in the 1940's, she wouldn't  be able to enlist with a severed arm either. The fact that she has a metal prosthetic hand and uses it in combat is beyond ludicrous... As well as the soldier who has a Japanese Katana sword on his back.

How the fuck did he obtain that? How did a European gain access to a Japanese sword that, in real life - would have never been allowed to use in combat.


Battlefield V is all kinds of fucking stupid, no matter how you look at it...