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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

That isn't how things work.

He gave you source for his claim, you said it is wrong/selective. Then you have to counter with data instead of asking him for more data.

The Burden of Proof always lays with the one making the claim.

DonFerrari said:

Me saying there are PC gamers begging port all the time.
You asking if console gamers don't do the same.

There are PC Gamers that port beg. Heck. I have even done it a few times.
There are Console Gamers that port beg. Heck. I have done it a few times.

That is Anecdotal of course. :P

Zoombael said:

There aren't many cherries to pick. Star Citizen is pretty much the only cherry. Anything else worthy will come to consoles anyway. No need for begging.

I disagree. On Major Nelsons site, I saw people Port Begging for Age of Empires.
It does actually happen.

I totally agree that the burden of proof is on who makes the claim.

I claimed that it happens all the time with Zoombael providing link of people doing it (and you even admitted in your post that it happens). My original claim on the subject was to Azz who tried to paint PC gamers as superior because they don't participate in discussions because they have too many great games as opposite to console gamers. 

Chazore tried to one up me. Then tried to play victim card. And them refuted Zoombael provided sources with "It isn't like this, truste me, I won't show any proof because you have to dig other places for me and prove that I'm right".

I never port begged because I usually take my time playing 1st party  and most of the exclusives of PC doesn't translate well to console.anyway, but you are right that console gamers also beg (which I haven't said they don't at any point, but Chazore in a need to protect PC gaming found a need to jump in).

AoE was a great game long time ago but even though some RTS are reasonable on console I don't think it is a good place to play without KB+M

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