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pokoko said:
I have kind of a funny story about PUBG.

Some CoD-type casuals were talking about games at work. One of them said he heard something about a multiplayer game that was huge on PC coming to consoles. He was clearly talking about PUBG but he didn't know the name. The other guy said, "Yeah, I heard about that, it's called Fortnite, it's supposed to be awesome. Hey, let's give it a try."

The developers of PUBG have no one to blame but themselves for others stealing away sales. PS4, the market leader, doesn't allow hyper-extended beta releases to be sold as finished products? They use some of those millions you've made to hire more programmers so you can stop riding the perpetual "Early Access" train. There really is no excuse for that.

They have blown hundreds of millions by not getting pubg out on ps4. Any smart business would have invested and launched it on ps4. 

pokoko said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

And yet like SoT they’re still changing things around and adding more content. Nothing wrong with that but if you have issue with one “unfinished” game then apply that logic equally :)

Something tells me you won’t though. 

There is no real difference, which is why it's absolutely idiotic to say, "oh, we're Early Access, that's why we can't release on PS4."  It's completely on the developer if they don't want to clean up their code enough to submit for certification and then continue to improve the game after.  

Well said.