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LudicrousSpeed said:
Kerotan said:

"A free beta = a hit."


People said the same about fortnite. But that went onto become the biggest hit since rocket league launch with ps plus on ps4. It brought in 300m for April and that's up from 225m in March. Could possibly hit 500m a month. Fortnite may be free but it appears to be far more successful then pubg not just in terms of players playing "because it's free". 

Oh man, that’s all awesome. Not relevant to my post though. If you’d like to add logical reasons why any of that means PUBG won’t be successful on PS4, feel free. All I’m seeing is “all these Battle Royale games are going to be huge simultaneously and that means PUBG won’t because of reasons” lol.

And again, that’s assuming it’s even possible for PUBG to have launched on PS4 yet even with no MS deal. Which given Sony’s policies and the lack of early access PS4 games, is not a logical assumption.


Ps4 is a software beast. It's unrivaled this gen by it's competitors. Of course pubg will sell. But it missed its chance to boom and with it hundreds of millions have instead been spent on their rivals instead. They missed out big time.