morenoingrato said:
Maxosaurus-rex said:

Only facts if you live in a bubble and ignore the facts

Can you educate me and show me unbias media and real facts?


Keep in mind I acknowledge North Korea is brutal and corrupt and untrustworthy, but I just want to know the facts you are referring to.

How about the fact that the test site was already destroyed before they put on theatrics. Or how about the fact that hey, north korea has done this nonsense before and threatened to cancel the meeting themselves like many predicted they would after setting up the meeting

Or how about the fact that the military drills are planned months in advance, North Korea said they wouldn't protest this year, and the US didn't deploy their usual but instead scaled down.

But sure, let's go with your "facts" or... You could check your sources bias... Which is probably occupy democrats Facebook 

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