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DonFerrari said:
duduspace1 said:

1. If I did what you say, I expect he would have said so himself. I think you are on some misguided advocacy on that particular point.

2. I will after you show me the cost of GOW.

3. I accept all explanations as feasible provided they are not outworldly, until confirmed details from verifiable sources are revealed. 

4. As far as I'm concerned, those 2 statements in bold are saying the same thing using different words. What exactly makes a general low month in sales in your opinion ?

Usual AAA games range on the 30M, GoW haven't had anything released yet as far as I know, but let's see if there is anything out there...

GoW3 which is a lot smaller had 44M USD budget so you can be assured it got something on the order of 50M for GoW on PS4.

So what is your estimation on cost for the minigames of Labo?

Don't you see any difference between saying April is a low month (which mean April in general) and saying this April had low quantity of noteworthy titles (which is quite specific)?

Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996 adjusted for inflation in 2018, that is $78m, with the creativity it affords people, you can be assured Labo costs more than that.........For reference (I am not sure if you are a programmer) but Visual Studio (Microsoft's programming tool which is only useful to programmers) generally costs a lot more than Microsoft Office 2016, but I don't expect anybody who only uses Microsoft Word to understand why it should cost as high because any features it provides is of no use an utterly meaningless to them. Like I said before, the value a person attaches to anything is the utilitarian value it offers to them.

I am not aware we were talking of any other April asides from this past April. In terms of the discussion however it makes no difference whatsoever (provided you've not lost your train of thought of what l was responding to........i.e your saying that Labo being one of the highest sellers in April doesn't mean it sold well  because (according to you) April had a low quantity of noteworthy titles. You are still making an assumption here because you do not have the actual sales figures. Having a low quantity of noteworthy titles is no validation that Labo didn't sell well.