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Brisbane Broncos- NRL my hometown team.
Most popular NRL and even rugby league team, most watched team on television and live- over 30k average whilst Sydney teams average 5-10k
7 grand finals, 6 wins- W, ‘15-L by one point, all under the same coach. He also was the first coach for the club from 1988(on his second tenure at the club due to moving down south to St George and Newcastle for three years each)

I don’t watch anything else but I do enjoy watching NHL on Foxtel every now and then when I have my dinner/coffee breaks at work.
As for AFL, I don’t watch it here as AFL is pretty much nonexistent in Queensland(rugby league mad state) but when I move down to Melbourne I’ll start watching games more often. The teams in Queensland are just absolutely rubbish( Brisbane Lions was the premier team back in 01-04 when they appeared in 4 straight grand finals with 3 wins a row and the last one was a big defeat apparently)