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Otter said:
V-r0cK said:
Nobody should be bother by this because a game that is exclusive to a system makes no difference to us because we are able to play it on whatever system it's made for. Just go out and buy it. Simple.

And if anybody chooses to not buy a game because it's on a platform that you do not prefer to own then clearly that game isn't that important to you.

What kind of nonsense. 

They're huge investments and if someone is not comfortable investing in additional 2 platforms, it doesn't mean that the experiences aren't important for them, it just means that they have to weigh it up against other priorities in life. There are many times when I've missed out on experiences I was very passionate about like concerts, festivals, holidays etc because I have to weight it up against other possibilities/responsibilities. Opportunity costs. Lets not limit peoples experiences just so we can boast of some minor pixel differences and slighter better draw distances

You just added to my point more so.  When you weight up against other priorities in life you realize what games are actually that important to you enough to actually play them.  Just like everybody that has backlog of games, clearly those games weren't important enough to play right away etc...

An exclusive game and a different console doesn't do any harm to anyone so dont hate on it for not investing on them.  If you do hate on it, then then you should hate yourself for having different priorities/financial priorities instead because that game and other console isn't doing anything wrong, it's still there waiting for you.