So, the US/Canada is considered to have four major sports leagues - the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. While the MLS is growing, it still isn't considered to have reached that stage yet. So, I've decided to rank them, however while #1 and #4 were easy choices, #2 and #3 were very hard as they tend to flip:

1. NHL - No shocks here, ice hockey is my favourite team sport to watch and I like playing the video games too

2. NFL - I really like watching the sport itself, but the video games I'm not really a fan of

3. MLB - I have gone to more MLB games than the other 3 combined (in fact I've only been to 1 NHL game and 0 NFL and NBA games), and I like the video games too

4. NBA - Not that I dislike it or anything, but I just feel that it isn't as interesting as the others, maybe because it's too high scoring which kind of eliminates the drama of whether or not there will be a goal/run/touchdown that the other sports have. I'm also not as big of a fan of the games.