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DakonBlackblade said:

The fact that we have a bunch of ppl almost defending the fact that Overwatch has lootboxes here is alarming and show just how easy it is to manipulate the gamers and extort money from them.


I too wish Overwatch had been a flop, and FIFA too and any other game with lootboxes, they play into ppls tendecies to get addicted and are paving the way for a future where games all around are just some repetitive multiplayer mode with lootboxes.

The only thing that makes me stop playing an online game I enjoy is pushing P2W stuff that gives real advantages to the whales making them gods among men who don't buy the p2w stuff. It happened to several MMOs i played in the past, they started ok but introduced so many P2W items that you need to spend a lot to become competitive, when they evolve to this point I just leave.


OW has 0 P2W on their lootboxes, I have been playing  it since launch and never bought a single lootbox up until now and never will. I'm ok with the lootboxes I can earn by playing. 

Last edited by CuCabeludo - on 20 May 2018