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Ka-pi96 said:
I gotta ask... how is having no singleplayer campaign "anti-consumer"? It's not...

It's not fundamentally anti-consumer, I think the problem is charging full price for the game.

Ka-pi96 said:
Not everyone cares about singleplayer. I'm sure they'd much rather the time and money that would go into singleplayer content gets invested in more mp stuff instead, doing exactly what your consumers want you to do is in no way "anti-consumer".

Well, according to Steam achievements:

71.6% of people started playing CoD WWII's campaign. 38.3% completed it.

66.1% of people killed 10 players in multiplayer modes. Only 15.4% reached a Prestige ranking.

So no, Activision is not ditching the campaign because "people don't play it". They're not focusing on multi-player because that's what the "consumers want". They're doing that because the multi-player can be monetized in much more ways than the campaign. If people didn't care, do you really think there would be this much community outrage?