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John2290 said:

Spoilers of course. Don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled.

GoW's been on the mind since I finished it even though I'm three games past it. So if you're like me and can't get it off the mind but don't want to play it again so early, lets discuss spoilers and theories.

My main one is the first time I played through it I was sure they were setting up Atreus to be Tyr and on reflection it makes sense that they purposely crafted it that way, however we know he is Loki. Now, if I'm not mistaken and my memory is serving me correctly to the aspects where I was led to believe this is Tyr then Kratos.

Tyr, The God of war, Friend of the giants and someone who became a thorne in Odins side or at least a significant threat. As they are weaving in the lore Kratos must have a place and I'd reckon that place is to be Tyr. There are some obvious flaws like time travel is needed but that's already heavily hinted at and as Kratos is fond of saying, nothing is ever written.

What say you? And what theories do you have regarding any aspect of the game?