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thismeintiel said:
Pinkie_pie said:
How is nintendo expecting to sell 20m switch this year when it's not gonna outsell ps4 and Sony is expecting 16m this year?

Short answer, it's not. 

Longer one. I think PS4 is going to outdo Sony's prediction and sell ~17M-18M. They will have a permanent cut to $249 this year, and most likely another $199 week. And that's not even taking into account the games it has releasing. Still, with all that, the max it can hope for is 18M.  

At this point, I think it's obvious, Nintendo expected Labo to help push HW, at least until the holidays and a few larger releases. That didn't pan out. So, my guess is they are either going to amend their goal, or they are going to have massive sales this holiday season, with probably a permanent cut to $249, as well. Still, even with all that, I still see them missing their goal. Probably matching Sony's 17M-18M.

Basically, Nintendo thought they had the next Wii, but it's not looking that way. It's definitely going to do well, but it's not exactly a phenomenon. 

Short answer, it will, little longer one, Smash Bros + Pokemon. :)

You can't really say that Switch will not be next Wii based on one month that's not good.