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quickrick said:
Pinkie_pie said:
How is nintendo expecting to sell 20m switch this year when it's not gonna outsell ps4 and Sony is expecting 16m this year?

Nintendo likes to be bullish to impress investors. they were off with wiiu for like 3 years in a row big time. there is no way nintendo is hitting 20 million imo.

I wouldn't say there's "no way", I think there is a chance if Pokémon Switch releases by late summer and rekindles the Switch hype in a big fashion and if Smash Bros Switch manages to carry that momentum through the holiday season. The Fortnite port (that I assume is in development/will be out by fall) should also help out a lot.

That said I'm not sure what else is on Nintendo's table that can impact sales enough to reach 20m shipped this FY and with just these 3 highlights it might not be enough after all.

Last edited by Lafiel - on 18 May 2018