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Pinkie_pie said:
JRPGfan said:

Switch had a launch + 1st holiday that year..... those two are more important than 2 extra months at the start of the year.
Plus It had Mario Odessey + BoTW, this year it hasnt had a new huge title to get people to go buy a unit.

it might not do those 20m that people are saying it will, this year.

what holiday? im talking about this time last year switch was at around 1.19m. this year switch is currently at around 1.05m. switch is behind this year even though it had 4 months this year compare to 2 months last year

Oh... yeah... so far its sales are down abit.
My  thinking is that maybe by end of 2018, its yearly sales wont be much better than last years either.