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JRPGfan said:
Pinkie_pie said:
Npd Switch is selling worse than last year which is surprising because it had 2 extra months this year.

Switch had a launch + 1st holiday that year..... those two are more important than 2 extra months at the start of the year.
Plus It had Mario Odessey + BoTW, this year it hasnt had a new huge title to get people to go buy a unit.

it might not do those 20m that people are saying it will, this year.

Not sure why you're talking about the holiday, as I'm pretty sure he's talking both years aligned. Though, I do agree with your launch point. Which is why people trying to use the fact that Switch didn't have Jan and Feb last year for points in its favor are incorrect. Launch month more than makes up for it. Same goes for claiming PS4/XBO had their first true holidays in 2013. That was during a launch. Those systems would have sold the same amount if they had launched in March 2014. Probably more, as they would have been able to build up more stock.

Also agree with the 20M. It's going to be extremely hard for Nintendo to reach 20M, if sales continue like this. It's the first month of their fiscal year and they've probably sold less than ~650K WW.  That's less than ~7.8M across 12 months. Granted there will be better holiday months, which should push it to ~15M.  But, 20M is looking like a stretch. It's obvious Labo didn't push HW like they thought it would. At least, so far. They must be planning a nice price drop for the holidays, now. Or they'll adjust their goals. 

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 18 May 2018