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DonFerrari said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Xenoblade is a Nintendo IP, since when it was on ps2? That is Xenosaga. Xenoblade is real-time RPG with strategy and chain attack/combo to take advantage of enemy weakness like a MMO single player, not tradition turn-base like Xenogears or Xenosaga. It also have very big world, especially with Xenoblade X is full open world, you can go anywhere you want. About Pokemon is a JRPG, i can agree with you that he shouldn't say FF recently lost it's lead as the main JRPG, a bit mistake here, he should mention the popular of the brand or the 1st rank of JRPG that is FF, not the sale 

Sorry if I thought you would understand by Xenoblade entry what was the IP before it that was on PS2, because guess what, you knew what game it was but decided to try to one up.

I don't understand your remark about the lose in the ranking.

HoangNhatAnh said:

Exactly, in fact Xenosaga III was better than FFXII but because it is a niche game so it was overshadow by FFXII. However, nowadays a lot FF fans including many Sony fans still believe FF series is the face of JRPG and the first class of all JRPG so not a surprise that he mistook it

I don't think FF is the face of JRPG, it is just my favourite RPG game independent of being JRPG, WRPG or any other variance.

Xenoblade and Saga is still very very different in both world and gameplay though