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Kyuu said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

Well that would make Israel be as bad as the Palestinians and it would make as much sense as the death penalty in the US. How can you as a country pretend that life is precious if you are going to punish criminals by taking their lives? But that's a different debate, not for this thread I guess.

What Israel in my opinion should do is kick the entire group of Palestinians off the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Tell them: choose your destinations, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria or any other muslim country of your choice but you are out of here...

There is simply no way to live peacefully with Palestinians, they will always choose violence and their final objective is the destruction of Israel, that won't ever change. The stalemate between Palestine and Israel is just that, a dead end without solution. When you have a conflict with your neighbors and nothing seems to work to bring peace among you all, the solution is simple: Someone has to move out, otherwise the conflict will simply go on for generations on end.

I'm not sure why Israel does not come to this conclusion. Fear of international criticism? Those who have chosen to hate on Israel will do so no matter what Israel does so they will simply continue hating should Israel kick the Palestinians out, nothing new here. And at least the state could maybe live in peace. But keeping those unruly Palestinians as neighbors means eternal war.

You're a lost cause.

yup a racist troll.


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