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Look It's a consoles !!!!!! Nope, it's a portable gaming system

look it's a handled!!!!!!!!  Nope it's can be played on TV

OK then it's a " SWITCH ",..........NOPE it's SEGA NOMAD from 1995 , yup 20 years before SWITCH 

Article by Digital Foundry

1.The first handled that can play full fat consoles experience (pun intended)

2.It was released in 1995

3.It has similar concept with Switch

4. Very ambitious concept 

5.It lack batteries life worse then Switch

6.The size is not convertible


My Opinion : It seems Switch is not an Innovative by design,  but it execute very well from concept, exclusives, quality games and availability (none other competitor competing on the same concept at the moment ). 

Kudos to Sega, and prove that innovation is not guarantee to become success but at last the spirit of Sega still live on Nintendo

And also PSP Go also has the same concept, but it was missing with the Vita.