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AnmolRed said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Phew .... thought someone was going to call a Zelda game underrated for a minute.

I love Best of the Worst, and while I think they deserve 20 million subs, I think they also get a fair amount of recognition.

I think what's far more underrated is the admittedly low effort but almost equally awesome side channel ran by Rich and Jack, where they cover games:

Agree,but most of their recognition tends to go to the plinkett reviews and I think these new segments are better and deserve the same recognition.

The PreRec channel is cool but I feel they are a bit too long.

That's true. The only reason I feel reprehensive about calling RLM underrated is that it's like calling Noah Antwhiler or The Nostalgia Critic or The Angry Video Game Nerd underrated. They are pretty much credited as one of the pioneers of reviews on the internet and are still popular.

I'm actually surprised how much of their popularity was kept after they started moving away from Plinkett.

Still, in the context of bigger youtubers yeah, they're underrated (fuck you,  ScreenJunkies!!!)

By the way, Re:View and Half in the Bag are as good as BOTW tbh.