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HomokHarcos said:
barneystinson69 said:

Flames should have an easy win tonight (hopefully). Goalkeeping looks good, but the defence was terrible during the first game.

Not everyone's going to beat Winnipeg 7-2, and the Flames couldn't even score against Edmonton. I'm certainly hoping for a win but I don't think it'll be easy.

barneystinson69 said:

I'm sorry, but why the hell should taxpayers fork out money for the arena and the let the owners get all the profits in return? Our city faces hard times, we don't need a billion dollar arena right now. They won't walk anyway, as they have no other market large enough to replace Calgary anyway, and moving somewhere else would cost hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions).

Exactly, these owners are rich. The stupid thing is, if it's publicy funded, why do we still have to pay admission to attend games? Even more ridiculous is that after taxing the city to build a new arena, the owners usually charge more for tickets when the team moves to the new arena.

Remember when I thought Winnipeg sucked? Well they just beat nashville and are headed to the wcf...


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