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Not big news. Just an FYI.

I didn't see any news about it but the Xbox One browser has been updated. The interface is improved and less cumbersome. Not only that, you can save images and videos from the web to your hard drive.


I downloaded and image of Batman and a video from a porn website to test it out. It worked great, even telling how fast the download was and how big it was.

To view my downloaded pics, I had to go into the Xbox One picture app. To view my video, I downloaded the free app called "Video Player Simple" from the Xbox One store. After launching the app, just click Open File, select "This device", then "Downloads" and enjoy.


Not a game changer but pretty quick and easy way to download content from the web to your console and not infect your computer or get pop ups or anything.

Haven't tested this with music or anything. I'm sure there's an easier way to view downloaded content, too. Just thought it was nice to finally have this feature.

Twitter: @d21lewis