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Wyrdness said:
Kerotan said:

Not denying this but how is this so? I'm not very well informed on this whole situation.. 

Shia muslim groups have gained strong footholds since the Arab Spring movement and the US wars, in Lebanon for example Shias now have a significant influence in parliament, in Iraq Saddam's removal increased Iran's influence in the region, Syria is Iranian backed and aided by Shia groups, Yemen continues to battle Saudi Arabia etc... The Sunni's influence has taken a hit in recent years increasing Iran's influence.

Iran are one of the few Muslim countries who are mainly Shia Muslims most of the middle east were Sunni but since a number of significant leaders have been toppled Shia groups have began gaining influence.

Not all country you mention are totally gained influence from the Rafida.  Some coutry are still at war, it's called proxy war. Yaman is still in war and not yet fall in the hand of shia  , Syrian  still got a lot of sunny rebellion (FSA) except ISIS which is a mafia that not fight for SUNNI nor Shia. Iraq probably yes they got influenced and also Qatar.  One more countries which is Bahrain should be on the list, but politically the are with the Saudi.