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JudasKiss said:
Less than 24 hours after the announcement, they're burning our flag and shouting for our deaths. Why would we want to put on a facade of peace with these people?

the people who did that are the hardline assholes that never wanted the deal in the first place and the hardline assholes on your side made sure they have a great opportunity to say "see, the USA/West is not trustworthy" and harshly condemn any western influence (you know, like human rights, religious rights, women rights etc)

btw historically the US fucked Iran over at several occasions, so I get why they are angry (but I don't condone them shouting "death to america" or "death to Israel")

Superman4 said:

So we were able to inspect all site locations whenever we wanted to? No.  This deal was complete BS, if Iran wants peace they will still be open to talks.

they are open to talks with adults, which the current US goverment is severly lacking

that said the next Iranian parliament will probably see the religous hardliners gaining the upper hand again due to Trump souring the image of the west

Last edited by Lafiel - on 09 May 2018