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PS4 could have sold more if the Pro wasn't such a half hearted attempt at a mid gen upgrade. The difference in Far Cry 5 is staggering, 1620p on PS4 Pro and 4K on One X and its the same for many multiplatform games. There is no freesync and no backwards compatibility and the Switch has captured public attention. They have to do more if they want to keep the price at $300 and $400 but if they do a price cut it could sell amazingly.

Considering PS4Pro sells around 20-25% of the total and the X1X failed to really increase X1 sales significantly, the half assed approach didn't far so bad.

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

Mr Puggsly: "Hehe, I said good profit. You said big profit. Frankly, not losing money is what I meant by good. Don't get hung up on semantics"

Azzanation: "PS5 wouldn't sold out at launch without scalpers."