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irstupid said:
MasonADC said:

I was very surprised that Nairo, the most popular Smash 4 player, didn't get invited. We don't even have a USA rep for smash 4. They also felt the need to invite melee players when the chance of them dropping soon after release is high. And if we had to have melee players, why Mango instead of M2K or Hbox? Smash is my favorite series, so I'll still watch, my hype level is just decreased a little. 

Do you know the characters character choices?

Maybe Nintendo chose the people based on trying to get some variety of players. You know, not grabbing the 8 best players who all use Fox or something.

Assuming the format is like last time, each player would have to pick a character and stick with it the whole time. They wouldn't have to worry about everyone using the same character.