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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Nem said:

You should educate yourself by watching this:


Theres was basically no chance Iran could've built any nuclear weapons with that deal. With no deal though? They can do whatever they want.

I'm not so sure about that. Neither you nor those who express opposite opinions on this issue really know what the deal entails and what can and cannot be done with it. So unlike you or those who oppose you I will neither say "Yes the deal allows Iran to make nuclear weapons" nor will I say "nope, can't make nuclear weapons with this deal".

Instead I'll just see who wants that deal to stay and who wants it gone. Israel for instance is a sworn enemy of Iran and Israel is happy the deal has been turned down by the United States. Now if this deal was such a huge shackles on Iran why is Israel happy to see the deal off? Israel should be happy that the deal stays (If that deal was really something preventing Iran from making nukes) but that's not the case. So Israel's opposition to that deal is a clear indication that the deal is not so binding as some leftists would want us to believe.

Isreal is probably hopeing the US decides to bomb any and all installations that can enrich uranium.
Hell Isreal will probably join in the "fun" and help the US bomb them.