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thismeintiel said:
setsunatenshi said:

no, not because they promised, because international nuclear scientists are confirming every few months that no nuclear efforts are taking place. 


the deal was in place to allow the international community to check this independently and NOT taking Iran's word for it. 


please inform yourself before making such a stupid, uninformed rethorical question.


on a side note, the money that was unfrozen was already Iran's money. it's no financial support. it's like a burglar returning money he stole from you if you agree to let him check your house every now and then, then when you do accept his deal to receive your money back he still spits in your face and tells you to fuck off. 


that's a much more correct analogy

Sure. That's why Iran can delay inspections, as well as giving them at least a few weeks notice before we even attempt to enter the country to inspect. And not all sites are inspected. We also gave them $1.7B. Supposedly, we owed them for weapons we never delivered. Of course, there's a reason they were never delivered.

And no, your analogy is a very poor one. A more accurate one would be the government freezing the assets of a known kingpin because he is getting those funds illegally, like drugs and selling weapons to local gangs, who then use them to terrorize the surrounding community. Then, they unfreeze them because he pinkie promises not to do it anymore, plus if we inform him within 24 days (not even hours) of an inspection, we are allowed to look at some of his warehouses. Oh, and he can delay the inspection up to a few months. You know he can hide a lot of evidence if you're giving that much time, plus only allowed to go to certain areas of his business. 

I don't know much about this deal (I probably shouldn't even be commenting on it), but isn't that still better than nothing though?  Isn't inspecting some of their warehouses still better than inspecting none at all?