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For any of you that think Trump destroying the Iran nuclear deal, you're insane.

Ask yourself, how many hostile countries are going to let other countries they see as adversarial come into THEIR land, and inspect THEM?

NOW, Iran can make whatever they want without the U.S. inspecting them at all.

Why people can still listen to Trump is beyond me. The man lies and gets caught in said lies mere hours later.

-He tells you he's going to make Mexico pay for his racist wall, yet constantly trying to make congress force the tax payers to pay for it.

-He tells you social security will be safe, yet he and the republicans are trying to attack your entitlements right now.

-Tells you that you're going to have such "great healthcare", yet is doing everything in their power to destroy the Affordable care act WITHOUT any replacement.

-Tells you everyone will benefit from his tax cuts, it's only the big businesses and rich people seeing the benefits. While at the same time, big businesses taking part in the tax cuts are close stores, firing people, and buying back their own stocks.

Look, every president had his downside, sure. But Trump's falsehoods are blatant and hurt the country more than any president by far. You even have long time republicans like Richard Painter turning democrat JUST so he can fight Trump. What does that tell you?

JRPGfan, people are going to believe and see whatever they want without doing research. Sometimes, it doesn't really pay to try to dispute them no matter what facts you have.