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Signalstar said:
Cobretti2 said:

I don't mind the smart phone idea as they kind of tried to do the whole local multiplayer on the go with others. So chances are the Switch will not be connected to the internet.

It is the fact that you need a 10000000000 cords to do it what is off putting.

For home usage, they should still offer the ability to do it the traditional way via the Switch itself only.

Absolute nonsense. The PS Vita is portable and does online voice chat and messaging just fine natively.

The 3G model yes. Can I take my non 3G model to the park and use online voice chat?

I am talking about local player where everyone is in the same room. Didn't they sell the Switch as being able to locally connect to other switches without the need for internet? i.e. local multiplayer over wireless lan