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Nymeria said:

Warning: Music Video contains some violent imagery

Donald Glover released a new song called "This is America" which due to its themes and heavy use of symbolism has caused discussion.  Thought maybe other like to put their thoughts in here.

May be a little controversial depending on what you read into it, but I do like music that causes interpretation and has people talking.

My main takeaway from the video is that we all move on too quickly after atrocities. We quickly move on and entertain ourselves instead of trying to instigate real long term change. A blasé not my problem attitude, when it affects everyone!


The video also touches on how the US treats guns better than the people killed by them (as you pointed out).


If you are interested in thought provoking track, maybe some tracks by Joyner Lucas will be your thing.  This one is quite recent and went viral towards the end of last year. Track is called "I'm NotRacist" -

His other tracks are quite insightful too.