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Warning: Music Video contains some violent imagery

Donald Glover released a new song called "This is America" which due to its themes and heavy use of symbolism has caused discussion.  Thought maybe other like to put their thoughts in here.

My own thoughts.

The music is a blend of various genres to me, from tribal and gospel to rap and hip hop.  It manages to be catchy and also jarring in its changes and use of silence.  The video reinforces with distinct actions in the foreground (dancing) and background (chaos/violence).  This speaks to the old saying of "bread and circus" and how deeper societal issues are ignored as long as we are entertained.  Of course, the moments of intense violence shock us when the two interact, but then slide back to the periphery of discussion.  There is also a lot in Glover's attire, style, movements, and posture.  His dance moves are forms of African dance tinted with song and dance that blacks in the US utilized or were projected onto them in caricatures.  The clothes are that of poverty and juxtaposed with his expressions show the forced joy, the anger, and the fear.

Little touches as well, like how the gun is cared for more than the corpse or how the kids with phones recording have mouths covered.  I'm sure there's more I missed.

May be a little controversial depending on what you read into it, but I do like music that causes interpretation and has people talking.