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The more I learn about Marx, the more I dislike him. I know you're not supposed to judge historical figures by modern standards, but I'm not even talking about modern standards. There is just so little about him that is redeemable. I'll list just a few of these things.

- Despite people calling him an economist, he really didn't seem to understand economics at all. It also didn't help that he could not handle finances to save his life.

- On top of being terrible with finances, he couldn't seem to stop having children which also didn't help him financially.

- He was a terrible father who gave his children very little attention. In fact, I think at least two of his children ended up committing suicide later on in life.

- When writing the Communist Manifesto, he never befriended people from the working class. He was not part of the working class. He never stepped foot into a factory. He instead hung around rich people who he often mooched off of. He developed his philosophy based on being trapped in an echo chamber rather than doing actual research or basing it off his own experiences. In other words, he was the 19th century equivalent of a Tumblr blogger.

- He was pretty much wrong about everything. He talked revolutions occurring in industrialized nations like Britain and Germany. Instead, they happened in mostly poor rural nations. He also took grievances with a lot of flaws that come from capitalism, not realizing that under capitalism, nothing stays the same. The free market often improves things over time. He saw exploited factory workers and child labor and though it was always to be that way unless the system changed. He was wrong.

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