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adisababa said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
If you play Quantum Break as a cover shooter then you’re playing it wrong :)

What are these story contradictions?

I think that was directed at me? 

Well, I didn't play it like a cover shooter all the time but the time powers were essentially escape mechanisms that didn't liven up game play at all. You essentially used them as a means to run away, none of them were offensive except for maybe the time stop. Plus the level design was laughable and unimaginative, shooting galleries are just bad and should be left to die in last gen but QB brought it back. Forgot to mention that the platforming was terrible. 

I don't remember the story much but I remember this one part where the guy needed to get over a gate or through a door but instead of using his powers to rewind time to revert the door to a state where it was open he was forced to "find another way". First that's obviously to pad out the game and second it goes against the person's previously established powers. 

There were many more definitely but this is all I remember. 

Nah. Off the top of my head, he had:

-that slow motion run which let him do a running punch

-that time dash. When you rush somebody, they fall back so you can get headshots (there's even an Achievement)

-time bomb like grenade attack

-the one where he freezes everything so all of the bullets stack up and hit all at once

Also, per the story, he couldn't just rewind time when he wanted to. Only certain "broken" anomaly objects. He could stop things, though.


Sorry you didn't like it, though. It's cool.

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