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I was thinking with the increased popularity of Sony's first party games, I believe they can do an MCU of its current Playstation Exclusives. It may not be successful but it's still marketing and exposure to its long forgotten franchises. It's also a great idea(for me atleast) that Nathan Drake can still remain relevant without Uncharted or Naughty Dog.

It doesn't have to be canon so Sony should push this idea. Nathan Drake is such a big icon for Playstation that it would be a waste for him to be buried by the Last of Us.

It also do not have to be a big budget. Sony can test the water by doing a Telltales and see if the market will not object. Supermassive, San Diego or Sony Bend can do this thing with no hitches. :)

If someone asks why I'm using an alt account, CGI and Truckusaurus got me a temp approval until I get my iconic and notorious "kurasakiichimaru" account back. :p