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pokoko said:
zorg1000 said:

The racist comment is quite weird.

But hes not adding up different generations, they are all different variants of the same hardware.

As for NES, its estimated that it had ~80% marketshare which is similar to the ~75% PS/PS2 had.

Oops, you're right, I was thinking Master System instead of Mega Drive.  Damn Sega for being confusing.

80% market share is enough for me to think of something as a near monopoly, especially with it being even higher in North America.  Still, I don't really care that much--if he wants to get offended over "near monopoly" then I can change it to "near near monopoly" or even "near near near monopoly."  It's a ridiculous thing to get bent out of shape over.

The point is, it's an interesting subject that would make a good documentary.

Yeah, Sega's naming strategy was way more complicated than it needed to be lol.

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