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In my community, there was a bit of a war over who was better, Prince or Michael Jackson. Not even sure why that was a thing. The more mature people liked the artistry and the sexually of Prince while the younger crowd liked the spectacle and pageantry of MJ. I grew up loving Mike but when I was grown, I came to appreciate Prince.

The guy could play like a million instruments, was a hell of a writer (you'd be surprised who he's written hits for) and spawned a whole wave of fake Prince "sound a-likes" in the 80s who thought the whole appeal was dressing crazy, having long greasy Bret Hart hair, and talking about sex.


I like Michael Jackson more. Michael was my childhood. I still listen to his stuff almost daily. Prince is right up there with him. The man was godly and I wish I knew how good he was at an earlier stage of my life. Luckily, I appreciated him long before he died--especially in the 90s.

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