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StarDoor said:
Lawlight said:

Yeah, no stock issues - that’s why I thought the Switch would have won. Aren’t you surprised that a console in its 5th year at $299 sold the most last FY?


So you thought Switch would sell more than PS4, but you also thought that Nintendo would sell fewer consoles than Sony overall? Did you think Vita was going to suddenly start selling more than 3DS?

Or maybe you thought PS4 was going to crash hard, given that you said PSP numbers would be out of reach for Switch.

I guess when you said 20M, you actually meant it would sell 20M in its first year.

Oh, wait, never mind.


Before Switch launched, you said it would be a failure. After one quarter of Switch sales, you said it would sell worse than 3DS. After two quarters, you said it would sell worse than PSP. After three quarters, you were still saying that Nintendo would sell fewer units than Sony in this fiscal year. So the only point at which you could have changed your mind is after the holiday sales results, when PS4 was at 16.5 million for the year and Swtich was at 12.1 million. If you honestly thought that Switch was going to sell 7 million units between January and March in order to beat PS4, that doesn't mean Switch did poorly, it just means that you suck at math and have no common sense.

1. I said the PS4 would sell more than the Switch but the Switch slowed down quite a bit back when I made that post. Then you have Nintendo talking about records after Q2 and SMO and Q3 and suddenly you think the Switch would be demolishing an expensive console late in its life.

2. That’s not what I said. Re-read my post again.

3. That was before it was revealed to be also a handheld. 20M would have been its sales numbers if it was a home console. My prediction after the reveal is less than the 3DS LTD. That was before the first quarter of sales.