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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Ulternia said:
It’s crazy to think of how many 10M-sellers the Switch will have. Odyssey is already there, MK8D will hit the mark this fiscal year and BOTW will hit the mark next fiscal year. On top of that, Pokemon will hit the mark (probably twice) as well as Animal Crossing, 2D MARIO, Super Smash Bros. and so many more. I could see the console’s top 10 best-sellers all above 10M if Nintendo really supports the console for 6+ years.

Just had a quick look at the Game Database here, and there only 6 PS4 games sold above 10M, with 2 being Fifa and 2 being CoD. The other 2 are GTA 5 and Uncharted 4, which just made it (10.00M, and still marked as Uncharted (PS4) on the chart)

While probably a couple more made it, PS4 also has 5 times the Userbase and had 4 times as long to get there compared to the Switch, all while the Switch already has 3 games about to  make that jump.

It also has a lot of games that are multiplatform, with XBox eating some sales.   And, while it's not a 10 million seller, given how badly vgc is undertracking games like Horizon Zero Dawn, you have to wonder how many games are at or near PS4 only totals that high, but not tracked properly.