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Luke888 said:
-Smash Bros. release date and gameplay (Ridley will be in the roster);
-Pokémon gameplay and release date for 2018;
-Fire Emblem gameplay;
-Retro's new IP revealed;
-Yoshi gameplay;
-Metroid Prime 4 gameplay, 2019;
-Bayonetta 3 gameplay, 2019;
-One old IP releasing in 2018;

-God of War DLC;
-Medievil Remastered gameplay, 2018;
-Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, 2019;
-The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay, 2019;
-Death Stranding gameplay;
-Spider-Man gameplay;

-2 new IPs;
-Fable reboot;
-Perfect Dark reboot;
-Halo 6 announcement;

Don't set yourself for disappointement like that. Nintendo already said they will be hosting a separate event later this year to show 2019 games. It was explicitly said that this E3 will be about 2018 games, so if we're lucky we'll get 1 or at best 2 2019 announcements/footage, but even that would be a lucky scenario so don't count on it.

As for my predictions, I'll start with Nintendo and add Sony after (don't have a clue about MS):

- Smash is shown in great detail and releases in September

- Animal Crossing is revealed and releases in November 

- Yoshi is fully disclosed and releases on August

- Fire Emblem is revealed and releases on December a la Xenoblade Chronicles 2

- A new Mario Party is announced and releases on October

- Travis Strikes Again is shown and receives a release date (september or something)

- Updates and quick announcements of major third party games releasing later this year 

- If we're lucky, we'll get footage from a 2019 game 

Last edited by LipeJJ - on 02 May 2018

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