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KLXVER said:
HyrulianScrolls said:

Glad you mentioned that, because it brings me to my next concern that Nintendo in general seems to really be falling off the bandwagon at rapid speed this year after everything they did so right and all the good will built in 2017. The Tropical Freeze pricing is ridiculous, especially since it's a matter of Nintendo knowing that they can charge more money for a 5 year old port than it originally retailed for and people will still buy it because there's simply nothing else out for Switch right now. Taking it off of Wii U's eShop also didn't sit right with me. They really have to have an incredible second half of the year up their sleeves or I'm concerned they could undo a lot of the amazing goodwill they built in 2017 very quickly. Them getting lazy and greedy is a surefire way to failure. 

True. That's my fears as well. There really are 2 kinds of Nintendo fans.

The ones that just want Nintendo to win. Be it BOTW or Labo. Mario Odyssey or 1 2 Switch. Doesn't matter. As long as Nintendo makes money, they are happy. Because their "team" is winning.

and the ones that want Nintendo to earn their "win". To focus on what has worked for them since the NES. To grow as a company for gamers of all kinds. Both casual and hardcore. But not non gamers. 

That's a huge generalization. I'm  a Nintendo fan and classify as neither of the above.