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KLXVER said:
Vodacixi said:

Their parents will eventually buy him some games. The kid will eventually be interested in Mario and company.  Labo is just the entry point. One leg at a time, buddy xD

What if cardboard isn't enough? How many materials do Nintendo have to make a game with just in case theres a hit with one of them? Why cant Mario be the entry point? or one of Nintendos many great IPs?

Ok, just to clarify: I never said their plan was flaweless or even that I liked the plan. I'm just explaining why it makes sense to Nintendo.

That's why cardboard is such a great option: it's cheap as fuck. Even if Labo fails... they won't loose much, at least in terms of materials xD

Mario can be the entry point, it has been for many generations and it worked great. So was Nintendogs. And Wii Sports. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Meh, those were just a one hit thing, no one cares anymore". And while you're correct... they still got people into Nintendo. And from Nintendogs they went to Mario. And from Mario they went to Pokémon. And so on. Labo can do the same thing and even better because, as I said, it's a toy. And many parents and many kids at very young ages prefer toys rather than videogames.