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SpokenTruth said:
Snoopy said:

White men are also tired of companies or even government institutions hiring people over them for diversity reasons despite being more qualified.

That is incorrect.  Minorities are not hired over better qualified white candidates.  That's actually against the law.  You are talking about Affirmative Action but that is not how it works.  AA is largely comprised of outreach programs to gain as many qualified minority applicants as they can but the actual hiring decision is still the best qualified applicant.

That is actually exactly how AA works. AA is by definition discriminatory. Whats important to note is the context of the decision to create AA. Post Civil Rights Act, blacks and other minorities werent just magically accepted by society. The goal of affirmative action was to help these groups with newly defined rights actually gain traction. You are kidding yourself if you truly believe that lesser qualified minority candidates have not gotten preference over more-qualified white candidates due to AA. However, this doesnt mean that they are just picking people off the streets. The reasoning is that these minority groups are lesser qualified due to the lack of opportunity given to their group. What is actually illegal is having a minority QUOTA. But if someone was taken to court over not getting the job despite being better qualified it would go nowhere.

TL;DR: Minority quotas are illegal, but hiring lesser qualified isnt. Affirmative Actions goal was to help underprivileged groups post Civil Rights Act. In recent times, it's necessity is debatable.

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