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sundin13 said:
Polygon is trash, but I see little in this article to really get upset about. Yeah, people have that knee-jerk reaction to the phrase "toxic masculinity", but if you get past the buzzwords you don't like, there really isn't much being said that is all that controversial. The interviewer could have phrased the question differently to avoid such highly divisive phrases, but it really wouldn't change much of anything about what is being said, and what is being said is a kind of interesting look at how and why Kratos was reimagined and evolved through this immensely popular game.

I don't know, maybe I'm just tired of "outrage culture" and have a hard time getting upset about things that really don't matter.

It's exhausting. I just don't go to certain parts of the internet because I know it will be upsetting.  Better things to do than be perpetual state of indignation.